A look ahead at the programme of lectures

The third FMB-Süd (held in Augsburg on 20 and 21 February 2019) will not only provide the visitor with the opportunity to obtain a good overview of the entire spectrum of the supply industry. The show also offers a concentrated programme of practice-oriented lectures on key trend topics in production: predictive maintenance, factory interconnectedness (Industry 4.0), additive manufacturing and avenues of escape from a shortage of skilled labour.


The programme is being organised together with the experts of the Mechatronics & Automation Cluster whose members comprise more than 200 companies based at the technological axis of southern Germany. Christian Enßle, Portfolio Manager of trade show organiser Clarion Events Deutschland: “Our experience from the FMB in Bad Salzuflen has shown us that it is extremely beneficial to pick out key topics and to actively acquire speakers to hold relevant talks and lectures. We are now applying this concept to the FMB-Süd for the first time and, at the same time, will be expanding the area for the lecture arena.”

The organisers have defined three key topics in consultation with the exhibitors, whereby there will be one block each for these topics featuring several lectures.

The first topic – Predictive Maintenance – is of interest for industrial production as a whole and not just for mechanical engineering since it reduces downtime and increases productivity. Moreover, predictive maintenance is regarded as a pioneering application for Industry 4.0 concepts.

The second focal issue of the lecture programme, the interconnectedness of the factory, is basically digitalisation at the shop-floor level: an issue which virtually every industrial enterprise is currently applying itself to. Concrete and practice-orientated examples of such interconnectedness will be presented at FMB-Süd.

The third focal issue of the lecture programme will be “Additive Manufacturing”. An increasing number of companies use this production process for (small) batch products from plastic and metal. And Augsburg is precisely the right place for such discussions as there is a high degree of research and production expertise in materials technology and in the field of innovative processing technologies. Moreover, there is a concentration of key sectors for the use of additive produc-tion processes in the technological hub of the South, in particular the aviation and automotive industries.

The Mechatronics + Automation Cluster will be presenting the content of the European 3rd-party funded project InnoPeer AVM in a block of lectures. Dr. Thomas Helfer, responsible for qualification and securing skilled personnel in the Cluster. “Eleven organisations from five countries have joined forces in this project in order to put together a comprehensive, cross-border qualification programme. In doing so, we focus on three dimensions of knowledge – AVM – technologies, human resources and organisation management as well as the development of business models – featuring a mix of established and innovative training formats and methods.”

The planning of the content concerning the key topics is virtually completed. Christian Enßle: The key criterion is practice orientation: The aim is for visitors to the show to take away tangible ideas and proposals which they can successfully implement in day-to-day operations in their own enterprises.” The Augsburg Centre of Excellence for SMEs 4.0 (Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Augsburg) will also contribute to this practice orientation. It is also involved in the organisation of the programme and will provide new sources of inspiration for the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts and measures in its lectures.



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