Lightweight construction and digitalisation as hot topics

Digitalisation in industrial manufacturing will be among the topical focal issues at FMB-Süd 2020. A further central theme will be lightweight construction in the field of mechanical engineering.



Digitalisation is currently dictating the speed of innovation in industrial manufacturing. Visitors to the FMB-Süd (in Augsburg from 12th to 13th February 2020) will become acquainted with new and practical examples for digitalisation projects, which are worth emulating in their own companies. Moreover, numerous exhibitors will be showcasing the “tools” and components required for the implementation of digital manufacturing – for instance drive components with integrated sensor technology for condition monitoring and AR glasses to enhance service and maintenance work on machines and systems.

By doing so, the FMB-Süd is directed towards the manufacturing companies at the technological hub of the south, stretching from Karlsruhe to Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg and Munich right through to the “bayrisches Chemiedreieck” around Freilassing in the south-east of Bavaria where there is a high concentration of enterprises in the chemical industry. This is where 20 percent of all engineers in Germany work, and the density of patents is 2.7 times higher than the national average. The FMB-Süd thus takes place at the right exhibition centre

A second topical issue of the trade show, lightweight construction, is ideally located in Augsburg since the aircraft industry is particularly well represented in this region, namely 6.2 times higher than the national average. Numerous companies specialised in materials and suppliers engaged in the development and manufacture of weight-saving components are based here.

This feature is particularly sought after in the field of aviation, but also to an increasing degree in mechanical engineering. For instance, drive elements can be configured smaller if success is achieved in reducing masses in motion of machines and systems. As a consequence, energy efficiency rises, and the user benefits from low energy costs. Furthermore, lightweight construction plays a role in the use of materials to save resources – an aspect which is being adopted more and more frequently by design engineers in their functional specifications.

Apart from these two topical themes, the 4th FMB-Süd will cover the entire value-added chain of mechanical engineering. In doing so, it follows the concept of the FMB – the supplier show for mechanical engineering, to be held in Bad Salzuflen from 6th to 8th November 2019, whereby this will be the 15th anniversary of the event. More than 550 exhibitors are expected to attend this year’s show. Many of them are represented at both trade shows and will book their stand for Augsburg when they are in Bad Salzuflen.



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