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Ecrimesa Group located in the north of Spain, in Santander city consist of three companies:
ECRIMESA for Investment Casting technology , MIMECRISA for MIM (Metal Injection Moulding Technology) and MECANSA for machining with a full equipped machining workshop.
World of today demands more and more for higher performance qualities, more complex designs and much more exigent application accurancy and safe functioning. In this world of new technologies, Ecrimesa Group offers wide possibilities to the present industry.
Longer than four decades support Ecrimesa Group experience in suppling components of high technical properties in steels and other alloys, competing advantageously in quality and price with other traditional manufacturing processes. This is made possible thanks to our design characteristics and finishing with tight tolerances and machining saving.
With human resources of more than 200 people, Ecrimesa Group combines youth and experience to provide a dynamic and modern Company. Service to our customers and environmental protection are very important parts of our management philosophy. To meet these requirements Ecrimesa Group is equipped with the most advanced and modern production facilities.



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