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KS Metalltechnik offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of sheet metal and metal processing. We see ourselves as a partner who, through close and trusting cooperation, meets the required challenges with regard to design and production in a cost-optimized manner, on time and, above all, with the highest quality.
The ventilation technology area is another component in our product portfolio. Our engineering covers a wide range of options. Everything from a single source, from planning to installation. You have a contact person who is at your side and looks after the project for you from A-Z. Ventilation and process air systems for industrial, commercial or private use include our range of services.

We look forward to taking on responsible tasks in the field of sheet metal and metalworking or a complex project with a ventilation system that is individually tailored to your needs, and we are at your disposal as a reliable partner.
We offer: CNC metal processing, metal processing, contract manufacturing, stamped parts, stamping, nibbling, edges, assemblies, cladding, complex welded assemblies. Stamped parts steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum.



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