Post treatments for CNC-machined components


Especially when increased or diverse requirements are placed on components, the material-specific properties often no longer meet the demands. For example, anyone who wants to combine the low density of aluminum components with increased resistance to media or abrasion will not achieve their goal with the choice of alloy alone. This is where post-treatments come into their own. With heat treatments, coatings or surface modifications, the range of properties of many metallic alloys can be tailored to the application.

Until now, however, such operations required either a long search for suitable contract manufacturers with special post-treatment networks or one had to take care of the second production step oneself. Especially in product development, this can result in unclear costs. That’s why we at InstaWerk now offer many standard post-treatments for turned and milled parts online, transparently and available at any time.

Simply upload the part, select the material and choose the desired post-treatment. The price is calculated immediately and the delivery time adjusted.

Since many post-treatments involve detailed coordination regarding, for example, the layer thickness for anodizing or the color for powder coating, we will contact you again after the inquiry with technical customer support to clarify any open questions. In this way, we can respond even better to your questions and take your wishes into account.